I.  Take a photo
II.   Fill out the upload form
III. Upload your photograph
(Eligibility is limited to ten  photographs by the same photographer).

Police officers put their lives on the line every day on the job, They are tasked to maintain public safety, uphold the law and hold those accountable who break it. Their job is hard and dangerous, and they do it with vigor, dedication and respect. They deserve nothing less from the public they protect.



Building Relationships One Badge at a Time

The Foundation for Modern Youth and Civic Participation (FMYCP) is partnering with local police to create community engagement and relationship building programs. Better community relations aid in the prevention of victimization, enable responsible digital citizenship and increase community safety.


The "Faces of Your Police Department" (FYPD) is a social engineering project for civic engagement and participation. Engaging in taking posed (permitted) pictures of local officers, and submitting them in the FMYCP's contest, the project provides an opportunity for positive civic interaction with the police. FYPD assists in building constructive relationships between the local police and their communities. FYPD advocates joint efforts by the police and by the local community to engage in common projects, to better their relationships and to maintain law & order. FYPD’s motto is “Trust, Respect & Responsibility”.


FYPD project together with the National Safety and Prevention Award (NSPA) lend a platform to judge the best photograph and award both, the subject of the photo (police officer(s)) and photographers recognizing their efforts and contributions.


The best photograph in each township is automatically entered in the national FYPD contest.  Its winners will be announced at the annual National Conference on Safety & Prevention (NCSP).