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National Safety & Prevention Award

In a Nutshell

The Foundation for Modern Youth and Civic Participation (FMYCP) is an Illinois Not For Profit organization founded July 4th, 2016. FMYCP creates programs and delivers projects for scientific, historic, educational, governmental, recreational, civic participatory opportunities in order to educate towards an informed and active society. 


The Foundation advocates responsible digital citizenship, critical thinking, intelligent, aggression-free communication and other skillsets necessary to become constructive and responsible members of the digital, professional and neighborhood communities. FMYCP considers the effective use of these skillsets paired with digital intelligence and responsible behavior, fundamental building blocks of a modern society.


FMYCP focuses on the practical development of Modern Youth by teaching the necessary skillsets in the 13 elements of responsible digital citizenship in order to:

  • promote safer internet use,

  • prevent & stop bullying and cyberbullying,

  • prevent & stop online harassment,

  • prevent cybercrime,

  • possess the civic and digital intelligence necessary to be active, constructive and responsible members of the cyber community.

The Foundation promotes Civic Participation and the pragmatic understanding of personal and social responsibility.  It initiates civic-focused education projects, promotes volunteerism, active citizenship and participatory politics.  FMYCP has numerous programs to advance community development and to encourage civic engagement with Police.  It reiterates a healthy, local focused and community oriented mentality.  FMYCP’s core belief is that when individual and collective actions identify and address issues of public concern, the democratic processes work for a better future.  Hence its slogan “Be There for a Better Future”.


FMYCP creates concepts, advocates policies, and delivers programs which educate and safeguard the long-standing American values based on the country's founding documents as stated in The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States and the US Bill of Rights as they were amended following American society's evolution.


FMYCP provides professional and subject matter support to legislators, policy makers and all areas of the policy-making and legislative bodies which relate to its purpose.  FMYCP does not back, campaign for, support, or endorse political candidates and it does not partake in electoral or campaign politics.


FMYCP experts have vast experience in anti- bullying, cyberbullying and harassment solutions and related policy development. FMYCP experts created and introduced several cyber and school safety programs.  Its leadership has an impressive resume on diplomatic levels working with the consulates of over 18 European countries to introduce travel safety programs in order to protect American travellers in Europe. FMYCP leaders are on a number of Human Rights government task teams in EU/HU.


What sets FMYCP apart from most NFP NGOs is that its experts are all experienced and established individuals in the private sector. The foundation operates with a strong results oriented business mentality, utilizing standard project and change management methodologies to implement and impact change in the most effective and efficient way possible. 


In 2016 FMYCP created the National Safety and Prevention Award (NSPA ).  The annual award recognizes and honors those who have demonstrated an exemplary resolve towards the betterment of society.  NSPA partners with its European counterpart ESPRA to arrange international recognition of deserving recipients.


FMYCP founded the Council on Responsible Digital Citizenship (CRDC) in February of 2017.  CRDC is an independent professional advisory body of the foundation.  It provides insight – and influences the public discourse – on Responsible Digital Citizenship for youth and adults alike.


CRDC calls together leading voices of industry, conducts independent research, and engages the public to explore ideas that will shape our social fabric in cyberspace. The Council is committed to bringing clarity and pioneering solutions to issues related to digital behavior. It advocates digital intelligence and offers guidance how people should engage each other in their personal, civic and business life in the digital world.


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