in cooperation with local police is a

community safety project

a healthy neighborhood cannot do without.


12 October at 14:00–16:00, 2016


The FMYCP cyber conference offers information on neighborhood watch development, new solutions, techniques and methods.  


An excellent opportunity for professionals, coordinators, SMEs, block captains and community organizers to get informed on the latest and greatest on neighborhood watch and community organizing and development solutions. Possibility to offer functional requirements for solutions under development.


SME's will have the option to provide functional feedback on neighborhood watch tools, specifications to be included in the new national neighborhood watch assist tool (free for all police and police-partner communities)


Participation is free of charge for police neighborhood watch coordinators, community organizers, champions and block captains.

National Cyber Conference on Neighborhood Watch


The aim of neighborhood watch includes educating residents of a community on security and safety and achieving safe and secure neighborhoods.


When a criminal activity is suspected, members are encouraged to report to authorities, and not to intervene.


A well-organized neighborhood watch program works together with local police and maintains efficient communication line between the police coordinators and the neighborhood watch block captains.


Our program aids in organizing communities, educating local youth on neighborhood safety and preventive behavior.  


We provide nationwide IT solutions to police and local communities to maintain the efficient and streamlined communication between block captains and the police. 


The "Be There for a Better Future" community safety solutions project is organized under the FMYCP's community development program for youth, in order to increase their involvement in crime prevention and information on responsible digital citizenship.  The project motivates the youth of the community to get involved in standard neighborhood watch programs.  It expands the program to a Neighborhood Safety Program by introducing regular intro sessions on a number of topics ranging from Responsible Digital Citizenship, Safe Internet, Cyber Bullying, Critical Thinking, Civic & Local Government Operations as well as participatory politics and active citizenship. Check out more topics here.


The project engages in the development of a free application for the police, block captains and all participants in the program to stay up-to-date get informed on events and neighborhood / beat relevant situations.  The app helps to facilitate communication between the Police neighborhood watch coordinator and the block captains and program participants.  


The application is developed based on feedback from local police coordinators.  Feedback and validation are obtained by the SMEs at the National Cyber Conference on Neighborhood Watch on October 12th, 2016



A hardware  solution for smart phones using alternate passwords to unlock phone, while taking photos with both cameras, sending GPS location and 911 emergency alerts.   


An emerging new crime wave is hitting the streets, where armed robbers are forcing unlocking phones and resetting them to factory settings.

Chicago police have issued a warning about a string of robberies in the city's Loop and South


Loop neighborhoods in which armed robbers demand that victims reset their cell phones to factory settings before stealing them.

In each of the three reported incidents, police said two men confronted the victims on the sidewalk, showed a handgun, and demanded cell phones, wallets, and purses. They then forced the victims to unlock their phones and reset them, as well as demanded PIN numbers of bank cards, according to police.


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