A witness slip is a tool of communicating a person's or a group's opinion and position about a bill to lawmakers at a bill hearing in the appropriate committee.


Note:  Sometimes (in the case of amendments) multiple witness slips are necessary.


How to file a witness slip:


  1. Register at http://my.ilga.gov/

  2. Confirm your email

  3. Fill out your profile at http://my.ilga.gov/Profile


Create a Witness Slip

  1. Log into http://my.ilga.gov/

  2. Click on the House or Senate depending on the bill number (HB) = House (SB) = Senate

  3. Click on the “Committee Hearings” button

  4. Find the Committee to which the bill has been assigned to and Click on the “View Legislation” button 

  5. Scroll to the bill number you are looking for

  6. Click on “create a witness slip” icon next to the bill. (you can also view previously filed witness slips by clicking on “view witness slip”.)

  7. Edit your profile info

  8. Make sure you note if you are a “proponent” or “opponent” or “have no position”.

  9. Select “Record of Appearance Only” when filing the slip.

  10. Click on “Create Slip” button.


Populate a Witness Slip Special Notes

Identification Section

  • Under Firm Or Agency:  type in "On behalf of self"

  • Under Title:  type "NA" without slash

Representation Section

  • Type "self".  ONLY Type a person's or a group's name if you are an official representative of such group or a lobbyist.

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