Charles Huber
Charles Huber


An accomplished international business executive and professional focusing on process harmonization, policy compliance, procedural governance.


A PMO and senior project manager and an effective manager of change with a results-oriented mentality, creating a bottom line driven, compliant environment.


A Corporate Social Responsibility expert and the pioneer of  CDSR (Corporate Digital Social Responsibility) merging the expanded practice of responsible digital citizenship with CSR. A frequent presenter on CSR and CDSR.


An experienced professional in the elements of responsible digital citizenship, civic participation and community planning, development and engagement.


Extensive NFP / NGO work supporting education, critical thinking and personal responsibility.


Motto “individual decisions, collective consequences, individual responsibility” 




  • Results oriented, business
    efficient approach for government administration and operations.  

  • Merit and performance-based evaluation structure for all non-elected/appointed government professionals.

  • Updated policies, transparency of administrative decisions, and fiscal actions.

  • Elimination of duplicate and redundant structures, organizations, processes and policies.

  • Fiscal, social and political accountability.

  • Clearly defined digital laws and policies supporting responsible digital citizenship to be practiced by all Americans


Current CSR involvement


In addition to my duties managing The Foundation for Modern Youth and Civic Participation, I am currently involved with a number of projects dealing with Corporate Citizenship & Social Responsibility. I am a dedicated advocate of Responsible Digital Citizenship and the use of critical thinking when validating news and online information.  


I am the President of the Advisory Board of The Council on Responsible Digital Citizenship, and a member of a European Government's Human Rights Taskforce dealing with issues ranging from child safety, crime prevention and digital rights.


I am the lead consultant on Corporate Digital Social Responsibility at The European Prevention Institute.


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